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Environmental Services

NorthStar offers a variety of environmental services, including soil and water remediation and restorative cleaning services, with integrated approaches in applications such as brownfield and coal ash remediation.

NorthStar offers over ten years of experience in engineering design, design/build and construction management services with Florida State Agencies such as SFWMD, SRWMD, FDEP and FDOT. In addition, NorthStar has provided engineering design services to other local municipal entities such as the City of Tampa, the City of Tallahassee and the City of St. Petersburg and Hillsborough County.


Services include:

– Environmental Restoration & Water Resources
– Design and Permitting
– Construction Management
– Wetlands Restoration and Mitigation
– Dredging
– Mitigation Bank Construction
– Sub-Aqueous Capping/Sediment Remediation/Stabilization
– Stream Channel and Basin Restoration
– Aquatic and Wildlife Habitat Construction
– Constructed Wetlands
– Water Quality Programs
– Hydrologic & Hydraulic (H&H) Modeling

In-House Construction

– Levees, Reservoirs and Impoundments
– Pump Stations and Water Control Structures
– Design/Build
– Landfill & Impoundment Construction & Closure
– Slurry Walls & Hydraulic Containment
– Hydraulic Berm Construction

Environmental Assessment USA

– Contamination Assessment, Remediation & Management
– Environmental Site Assessment & Survey
– Conservation Easement Documentation & Monitoring
– Due Diligence Assessment
– Permitting and Compliance
– Geospatial (GIS & Mapping) Services
– Hydrology Assessment & Restoration

Environmental Remediation
– Excavation and Disposal of Hazardous Materials
– Groundwater Containment & Reactive Treatment Walls
– Groundwater Treatment Systems
– In-Situ and Ex-Situ Thermal Treatment (LTTD)
РIn-Situ Soil Mixing-Treatment, ZVI & Oxidizer introduction Stabilization/Solidification

– Civil/Mechanical Landfill Closure, Construction and Capping Bioremediation Coal Ash
– Impoundment/Landfill Construction and Management

Environmental Services Experience

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