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Coal Ash (CCR)

Coal Combustion Residuals

NorthStar employs staff experienced with Coal Combustion Residuals (“CCR”), who understand the unique challenges of CCR management projects.  Our staff has executed projects that required handling large volumes of material, constructing and improving impoundments, and, the construction of large scale water control structures.  This experience allows NorthStar to provide teams that can implement client specific solutions to meet EPA guidelines regarding CCR.

NorthStar’s full set of CCR Management Services includes:

  • CCR Excavation and Material Handling
  • CCR Impoundment “Clean Closure”
  • CCR Impoundment Dewatering
  • CCR Impoundment New Construction and Improvement
  • Levee & Berm Construction / Stabilization
  • Geosynthetic and Earthen Material Liner Installation
  • Hydraulic Barrier Wall, Slurry Wall, and, Reactive Wall Construction
  • On Site Landfill Construction
  • On Site Landfill Capping and Closure
  • On Site Borrow Construction and Management
  • Transportation and Disposal Management (on site or off site)
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Wetland Restoration and Construction
  • Water redirection services with mechanical and civil engineering components
  • Water treatment system installation to ensure compliance with the EPA’s “effluent limitation guidelines” (ELG)

Featured Project

* Removal of CCR from 44 acre impoundment to onsite landfill

CCR Stabilization

The NorthStar CCR Stabilization program incorporates accepted in-situ stabilization practices and applies them to achieve a systematic and cost effective approach to managing coal ash impoundment closures.

With the CCR Stabilization program

  • Reuse existing impoundment footprint for dry ash disposal
  • Immobilize leachable ash contaminants to prevent groundwater intrusion
  • 1X10-7 permeability bottom and top liners are constructed
  • In-situ installation of bottom liners and plugs
  • Construction of Hydraulic barriers to eliminate the potential conveyance of contaminants
  • Levee’s fortification to eliminate potential liquefaction
  • Meet RCRA Subtitle D Specifications of 1×10-5 permeability for non-hazardous wastes landfills
  • Achieve TCLP, SPLP and LEAF Leachability procedures

Potential approaches depending on the location:

  • Geotechnical Stabilization for Multi-Layer Liner System
  • Limited Stabilization Capping/Hydraulic Containment
  • Full Impoundment Solution