Seminary & College Campus- $25 million total, $20 million FEMA claim

Flood Damage Recovery

March 2016 – July 2016

In March of 2016 Louisiana was hit with record-setting amounts of rainfall that resulted in widespread flooding throughout the state.  On March 10th, 2016 a college campus located in Covington, Louisiana was overcome by flood waters from the nearby Bogue Falaya River.  A total of 53 buildings throughout the campus were affected with at least one foot of standing water, including the Cafeteria, Dormitories, and Sacred Spaces.

NRS first responders arrived on-site within 6 hours of the flood waters receding and initiated the mobilization of labor and equipment.  Within 4 hours 12 extraction trucks arrived on site.  All water extraction was completed in less than 12 hours.  Labor and additional drying equipment arrived on site shortly thereafter.

Crews operated around the clock in an effort to restore normal operation to the college campus, with focus on critical structures such as the dormitory and cafeteria.  Approximately 2000 students and faculty members were displaced as a result of this event.  115 students living on campus were displaced for only one week before recovery of their living space was completed.  Over 50 emergency generators were brought on-site along with a number of large-scale desiccant dehumidification systems. The project was completed in July of 2016, just 4 months after the flooding had occurred.