Griffin Wheel Plant – $57 million
Catastrophic Fire Restoration & Reconstruction
March 2015 – July 2016

In March of 2015 a large manufacturing plant located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada caught fire when an electrical malfunction occurred in a light bulb. By project’s end, the total cost of the full recovery effort would reach just over $57 million. The 500,000 square foot structure housed proprietary manufacturing machinery and operated around the clock, making its loss of operation a critical setback for the client. Additionally, this facility was the largest employer in the area. Early estimates put the recovery and repair time around 6-7 months, with complete operational capacity being restored shortly thereafter.

After being notified of the disaster, NRS mobilized a team of First Responders who were on site in less than 12 hours. Within 24 hours critical assets were mobilized and the recovery effort was underway. Three months later, the first product was produced, with the facility returning to full operational capacity in 4 months. NorthStar’s preparation, execution, efficiency, and experience allowed this facility to return to full operation significantly earlier than originally anticipated.