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Largest Company-Owned Fleet in Our Industry

Northstar is well-positioned to supply the needed equipment and materials for your project in good, safe, and operable condition. With the ability to deploy our own fleet of equipment we maintain control of the project, reduce downtime, and keep projects on-schedule.

Our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including global tracking, machine diagnostics & maintenance, on-board dust suppression systems, and machine attachments that reduce vibration, dust and noise.  Our impact breakers have the lowest decibel readings in the industry.

In the event that Northstar requires additional equipment beyond our inventory, we are able to call upon our strong relationships with equipment leasing companies to meet those needs. Northstar also has agreements in place with the nation’s top three material providers and similar agreements for preferred pricing on various sub-trades, including hauling and disposal.

Northstar’s Growing Inventory

  • 150 Trucks
  • 100 Skid Steers
  • 80 Excavators
  • 80 Attachments
  • 31 Loaders
  • 15 Dozers

Innovation for the Benefit of Our Clients.

Northstar is a leader in the use of innovative technologies for the benefit of our clients and the industry.

Real-Time Cost Accounting
Northstar employs a sophisticated, real-time, fully integrated computer cost accounting system to monitor labor, equipment, supplies, subcontractors and other project costs daily with perpetual inventory identifying in detail all consumables and small tools used on every project.

High-Pressure Water Jetting
Northstar piloted the use of high-pressure water jets to efficiently remove lead-based paint and asbestos.


Largest Bonding Capacity & Best Insurance in Our Industry.

Northstar Services, Inc. was established in 1986 as a privately held company chartered in the State of Delaware. Northstar has maintained consistent and strong annual growth by focusing on customer service and delivering innovative solutions through the expansion of turnkey service offerings. In recent years, the company has completed approximately 5,000 projects annually and has generated an average of $600 million in annual revenues.

In addition to having significant working capital, NorthStar has an aggregate bonding capacity of $350 million.  Our financial strength and exceptional bonding history, allows NorthStar to provide our Clients with assurance of NorthStar’s ability to fulfill the contract on time, within budget and according to specifications.  Since starting our business in 1986, NorthStar has never had a surety bond called by a Customer.

NorthStar further differentiates itself by providing a specialized Environmental CGL Policy that covers all pollutants, including asbestos, lead, and other hazardous materials, causing bodily injury or property damage due to dispersal, seepage, migration or release at any time during the course of a project.

NorthStar has an in-house risk management team that will review any bonding or insurance requirements your project may require. We have unique relationships in both the surety and insurance markets to provide our Clients with risk transfer solutions that offer exceptional value and security on large, complex projects.

Waste Management for LEED Certification.

In concert with Northstar’s standard policy to divert the highest percentage of construction and demolition waste from landfills, we also assist clients seeking LEED Certification.

Achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is the best way to demonstrate that your project is truly sustainable. Northstar regularly assists our clients with meeting the selected certification goal through our innovative recycling and waste diversion procedures.

Our standard goal is to redirect a minimum of 75% of recyclable recovered resources back to the manufacturing process or redirect reusable building materials to the appropriate end users.

To pursue the LEED certification sought, adjustments are made to diversion levels, procedures and impacts.

Certification level and corresponding diversion goals are identified early in the design stage, as higher levels may have cost as well as scheduling impacts. Northstar assists during the budgeting process to assure that full impacts are recognized as soon as possible.

Often during the project, Northstar appoints a Recycling Field Coordinator responsible to coordinate the enforcement of the Northstar Construction Waste Management and Recycling Plan through monitoring, documentation, and training activities.


Recognition of Safety & Performance Excellence.

Northstar is frequently recognized for our superior service, safety achievements, and innovative technology and methods from national media and industry organizations.

  • #1 Abatement Contractor in the U.S. since 1999, Engineering News Record (ENR)
  • #1 Demolition Contractor in the World since 2007, Engineering News Records (ENR)
  • Platinum Award, 2010, Harvard University Contractor Safety Assessment Program (CSAP), ConstructSecure
  • Outstanding Subcontractor Award, 2007 & 2008, Turner Construction
  • Outstanding Safety Record, 2007, Pentagon Renovation & Construction Program Office
  • Top 5 Demolition & Wrecking Contractor in the U.S., Engineering News Record (ENR)
  • Safety Award, Bartlesville, 2007, ConocoPhillips
  • 5th Largest All-Environmental Firm in the U.S., Engineering News Record (ENR)
  • Certificate of Excellence, 2006 & 2007, Sunoco
  • Sustained Superior Safety Performance Award, 2005, Second Brigade Complex Barracks, Phase I & II, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Safety is not just a goal, it is a responsibility. With statistics below industry average for 25 years, safety is one of Northstar’s main competitive advantages.

We are committed to delivering quality work with the safety and health of our employees as a top priority. This responsibility goes far beyond compliance with regulatory requirements, exceeding minimum standards and helping us achieve safe work environments on every project.

Training is key and continuous evaluation of our work practices helps maintain the positive trend we have seen in our safety statistics for the past several years.Our detailed employee handbook sets the stage for safety for all company new hires. Project managers to superintendents have all received OSHA 30-Hour Construction Standards, Corporate Safety Manual, First Aid / CPR and Target Zero training. These comprehensive education programs further help safeguard project safety.

Our dedicated staff of full-time safety professionals is involved in every phase of a project, working closely with OSHA-certified superintendents and project managers to ensure maximum safety. Safety representatives conduct comprehensive compliance inspections to ensure each project is in line with company policies, client requirements and governing regulatory standards.

Safety and quality are critical elements of Northstar’s commitment to our customers to deliver quality projects on time, within budget while maintaining a safe work environment for employees, client personnel, and the public alike.

Safety Programs That Deliver Results

Our safety programs are wide-ranging and flexible, with the ability to incorporate industry- and site-specific requirements for behavior-based safety, lockout/tagout, subcontractor safety, etc. We have industry-leading programs in a number of areas, including:

  • Job safety analyses to identify, analyze and control hazards
  • Comprehensive approach to fall hazard assessment
  • Line-of-sight supervision requirements
  • Safety incentive plan

No matter how challenging the work or working conditions – and we take on some of the most difficult projects in the industry – the commitment to safety is consistent and evident on every one of our projects. Our employees and clients expect and deserve nothing less.

Our people are the backbone of our success.


Northstar performs our work with our own highly-trained employees. By eliminating labor suppliers, we provide higher quality work in compliance with your specifications and requirements.

Our strong track record for performance and safety enable us to recruit the most qualified employees, many of which remain at Northstar their entire career.
With more than 100 project managers, 100 superintendents, and key managers each bringing 25 or more years of relevant industry experience, our bench strength surpasses our competitors. In addition to these key staff, our labor force numbers more than 2,000 cross-trained staff deployed throughout the U.S. with a contingency of 1,500 field staff to meet any unanticipated needs.

We provide extensive training in operations and safety and maintain incentive programs for all levels of management with performance criteria keyed to on-schedule performance, no loss-time injuries and no environmental violations. Cross-training in more than one specialty trade helps provide greater flexibility in staffing projects to peak performance.

Northstar’s Bench Strength

  • 100 Project Managers
  • 100 Project Superintendents
  • 2,000 Cross-Trained Field Staff
  • 1,500 Contingency Labor Force


National Presence. Local Service.

Northstar is licensed in all 50 states to perform facility response, demolition, hazardous material abatement and soil & mold remediation – along with its disaster response capabilities. This, combined with our network of  branch offices in all major U.S. markets and abroad, enables Northstar to deliver the resources, skill, and know-how to your project with aptitude and efficiency.