• NorthStar Group Services, Inc. Seven Penn Plaza 370 7th Avenue, Suite 1803 New York, NY 10001


NorthStar specializes in the application of spray-applied fireproofing to structural steel, with a primary focus on reapplication following the removal of asbestos-containing materials or other environmental projects.

Serving both the new construction and renovation markets, we deliver results that meet all code-related requirements and the specifications of project architects and engineers. We perform this technical service for clients in a variety of industries, including commercial, retail and health care, as well as for educational institutions.

NorthStar also installs intumescent paint, a specialized fire-retardant coating for exposed steel. Designed to look like cosmetic paint, this material – typically used for high-profile and architecturally complex buildings – allows the designer to leave the building structure exposed while providing the required fire rating. NorthStar has the technical knowledge to ensure that intumescent paint is applied with the appropriate thickness, primers and topcoats to meet all codes and requirements of the project.