Dayton, Tennessee Silo Fire – $100k

Asymmetric Emergency Response

May 2014

A major producer of furniture in the United States contacted NorthStar Recovery Services (NRS) seeking information on how best to handle a fire that had occurred in a debris silo at their 1 Million square foot facility in Dayton, Tennessee.  The silo itself, standing approximately 40 feet high, contained wood scraps produced during the furniture manufacturing process.

Prior to contacting NRS, firefighters had created a plan that involved dousing the slow smoldering fire with water, essentially creating a large amount of pressure within the silo and thereby posing a significant risk of explosion.  Upon receiving this information NRS advised fire crews to stand down, and subject matter experts were contacted for assistance.  Experts engaged by NRS were on site within 6 hours.

Upon closer inspection, NRS subject matter experts were able to devise a method of cooling the core of the fire without putting personnel or assets in jeopardy.  With the use of large steel “needles”, nitrogen gas was injected into the core of the smoldering fire.  The fire was completely out within 72 hours and normal production continued.