Abatement, Demolition and Decommissioning

The Sunoco Eagle Point Decommissioning consists of the complete demolition of a former refinery in Westville, NJ. This unique project is a combination of traditional demolition practices accompanied with a heavy marketing program to sell newer process assets. NorthStar (formerly NCM) embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign which included trade journal advertisements, email blasts as well as the creation of an detailed asset catalogue and unique request/tracking process. NorthStar has generated thousands of requests for information as well as additional and significant asset sales.

NorthStar is responsible for all asbestos abatement which includes thousands of feet of TSI and process unit insulation. The asbestos included the hiring of an on site independent third party consultant to perform an entire survey as well as bulk sample analysis of potential asbestos containing material on a daily basis. All area clearances are performed by this consultant as well as documentation for what has been removed for the owner.  NorthStar is responsible for first line breaks and cleaning of all former process lines and vessels prior to demolition.

Upon completion of all asbestos abatement and first line breaks the demolition process is initiated. The work was performed with the use of mechanical equipment with hydraulic shear, grapple, hammer and processor attachments. During the height of the project NorthStar had a total of 10 large pieces of equipment and operators to raze the facility and process the material.