Dismantlement NorthStar was contracted by TECO to dismantle a hung boiler weighing approximately 3,000 tons at their Gannon Generating Station in Tampa, Florida . There was no dropping of material allowed due to an operating turbine within close proximity. All steel was “on the hook” and lowered to the ground.

The scope of work required the boiler and support equipment to be dismantled in 3 phases.

Phase 1:  The initial phase involved dismantling the Boiler Proper without disturbing the main support structure. This was accomplished using pneumatic winches (Air Tuggers) to lower the 16″ x 1-1/2″ steam piping, water wall frame and water walls. After the water walls were lowered to the ground, the boiler roof and floor opened, a 300-ton crawler crane was mobilized to complete the boiler dismantlement. With the upper framework having to stay in place, the crane was used to lower sections of boiler tubes grouped together by the upper steam headers through the boiler cavity to the ground, where they were processed and loaded for scrap recycling.

Phase 2:  After the boiler proper was removed, the crane was used to dismantle coal hoppers mounted on the roof of the turbine building which remained active throughout the project.  Working over the 150′ tall boiler structure the crane was used to lift out sections of the coal hoppers. Once the coal hoppers were removed, the steam drum and the remaining boiler support structure was dismantled.

Phase 3:  Using the crawler crane, the steam drum and the upper 50′ of the boiler structure was removed. The lower 100′ of boiler structure remained since it was designed to provide support to the adjacent turbine building.