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We Understand the Hazards Involved with Industrial Work.
NorthStar has serviced many Fortune 100 and 500 manufacturing companies nationwide providing turn-key services including abatement, decommissioning, emergency response, and site redevelopment. Many of NorthStar’s clients represent a broad range of industries, including chemical, consumer products, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, pulp & paper, food & beverage, automotive, and mining. Industrial facilities often have special requirements involving hazardous materials when work is being done on site. At NorthStar, we work with facility managers and operations personnel to identify and evaluate potential hazards and develop strategies to complete projects safely and cost-effectively.

As a key partner with the manufacturing industry, NorthStar often prepares facilities and sites for alternative uses and/or real estate transfer. From underground storage tanks to towering smoke stacks, our site-specific plant/process turn-key services provide cost-effective, no-fail solutions. We decontaminate, dismantle, and demolish process lines, systems, and structures, including steel and concrete. We also offer environmental support services for plant upgrades, modifications, and retrofits. As a value-added service, NorthStar provides professional marketing communications campaigns to reduce your overall costs through equipment asset recovery.

NorthStar’s highly trained professionals are experienced with sites containing asbestos, heavy metals, reactive chemicals, PCBs, electroplating wastes, hydrocarbons, explosives, and other environmentally sensitive materials. Our extensive experience includes specialized remediation and removal tasks involving hazardous, explosive, and/or toxic substances, e.g., decontamination of process vessels and components containing hazardous materials or residues and remediation of sites contaminated with toxins such as mercury, chromium, lead, and arsenic. In addition, we provide structural implosion; heavy equipment operations for razing, excavation, and grading; and hazardous material identification, treatment, and/or removal and transport to an approved disposal facility. We offer expert oversight of regulatory compliance, permitting, and waste management.

NorthStar will also be happy to provide you with a project closeout package for future reference. NorthStar’s advanced methodologies and value-added services give you fast, cost-effective results. From rigging out of individual pieces of equipment to custom dismantling and complete decommissioning of large, complex facilities, we adhere to the highest levels of safety and environmental compliance.

Often times our services can be off-set with assets recovered at the plant, not only minimizing our client’s costs, but reducing their environmental footprints as well.