• NorthStar Group Services, Inc. Seven Penn Plaza 370 7th Avenue, Suite 1803 New York, NY 10001


NorthStar owns and maintains a large, nationwide inventory of specialized equipment, including, but not limited to: pre-equipped emergency response vehicles, heavy-duty industrial vacuum systems, portable decontamination units and trailers, high-volume air monitoring pumps, air-driven negative-air machines and HEPA vacuums, oxy/acetylene cutting torches, concrete sawing/drilling apparatus, large-volume floor tile removers, 40,000-psi hydro-blasters, soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems, conveyors and chute systems, complete sorbent systems and containment booms, and much more ― plus a full array of heavy equipment such as loaders, bulldozers, crushing plants, cranes, and excavators with state-of-the-art attachments. We also have access to auxiliary equipment at nationwide locations.

In any business, and particularly for demolition and environmental remediation work, you must use the right tools for the job. For every project, we consider the site-specific health and safety issues, the ever-challenging demands of new laws and regulations, and bottom-line cost effectiveness in order to match and mobilize the most appropriate equipment resources. NorthStar believes that its customers (and its employees) deserve the best. That’s why we stay on top of the latest the industry has to offer. In some cases, our in-house experts adapt equipment used in other industries to the specialized needs of demolition and remediation projects. When appropriate, our engineers actually design and build specialized equipment and systems that are not available on the market.

For example, we invented a water collection system that recovers 90 percent of the water used in hydro-blasting applications and filters it down to .5 microns. We have designed new techniques for cutting open storage tanks for cleaning. And we have invented a now-patented pneumatic separation unit (PSU) that recovers spent bullets from firing range soils or rubber backstop media, so the heavy metal can then be sent to a smelter for recycling and financial gain to our customer.