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Restorative Cleaning

NorthStar offers a wide array of restorative cleaning services. Some representative examples follow.

NorthStar works closely with major extermination contractors to remove rodent remains and nesting materials and will thoroughly clean or tear out damaged areas. NorthStar can also assist with access prevention by repairing and/or sealing rodent entry points.

Typically, NorthStar isolates and contains affected areas prior to cleaning with poly barriers. HEPA filtered air movers may be installed in the containment and air is exhausted to the building exterior to reduce and remove rodent odors. Workers wear full-body protective suits, gloves, and half-face respirators during cleaning activities. Depending upon the site-specific circumstances NorthStar may remove ceiling tiles and grids, for example, and perform HEPA-vacuuming and wet wiping with a bleach solution or may replace building materials depending upon condition. Affected sheetrock and insulation may be removed. After rodent nesting materials and droppings are removed, contaminated areas are carefully cleaned with bleach solution. Hard cap ceilings may be accessed, vacuumed, and wiped, as well as above-ceiling conduit, piping, and ductwork. NorthStar may also remove food stock, merchandise, or other items from shelves or bins and clean everything or dispose of heavily damaged items, as appropriate.
Bats and Pigeons
From bell towers to attics to crawl spaces, accumulated excrement from pigeons, bats, or other animals can be a serious biohazard. NorthStar is experienced in safe decontamination and removal and can assist with repairs to prevent further intrusions.

Cimex lectularius, the common bedbug, has been making an alarming comeback in U.S. hotels, cruise ships, and elsewhere. To combat this increasing problem, NorthStar provides a new heat technology that is lethal to bedbugs and their eggs, and follows this with restorative cleaning services to return your facility to the best possible condition. Both you and your guests will get a good night’s sleep!

NorthStar offers a new “low pressure-heated” surface cleaning technique for graffiti removal. This technique is proven safe on various materials including wood, steel, fiberglass, vinyl siding, etc. and leaves no damage or contamination to the underlying surface. It rapidly removes graffiti without damage to your building.

This cleaning technique uses only the earth’s natural elements – volcanic sand, fresh heated water, and low-pressurized air. It offers a short setup time, quick completion, and is cost-effective. Dust levels are suppressed within the vaporized elements, allowing this method to be used safely within populated urban areas and enclosed environments.