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Universal Wastes

Both management and disposal of hazardous and industrial waste have become increasingly complex, with ever-changing regulations and a lack of qualified suppliers. NorthStar supplies the full range of services to help you identify and assess cost-effective solutions for treatment and/or disposal of contaminated soils, groundwater and surface water, leaking storage tanks, drums, unexpected chemical spills, and more.

We are licensed to transport hazardous materials, whether from planned, remedial projects or from emergency spill cleanups. Some of our jobs result in just a drum or two of waste that require disposal. For others, we have excavated and disposed of thousands of cubic yards of contaminated materials from a single site.

When contaminated soil or various waste materials can be treated and rendered non-hazardous by non-traditional methods, NorthStar can apprise you of the economic and regulatory benefits and can manage and perform innovative field work to accomplish your goals. Our years of HAZMAT experience, regulatory expertise, and an array of specialized and proprietary equipment can help you safely manage a wide variety of wastes including hazardous chemicals, radioactives, spent solvents, PCBs, and lab packs.

Spent Solvents, PCBs, and Lab Pack Services 
While most planned remedial cleanups involve hazardous sludge, soil, or other solids, NorthStar can also handle all types of solvents, lubricants, and oils. Our specialists achieve both chemical detoxification and high temperature destruction of PCB transformer oil in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. NorthStar can also provide complete, customized lab pack services for businesses, schools, hospitals, and other institutions with laboratory operations where chemical management services are necessary. We inventory, categorize, package, and properly dispose of old laboratory chemicals with the same safety and efficiency necessary for large-scale industrial waste management.

Hands-on experience, professionalism, and advanced technology make NorthStar a leader in hazardous waste management services.