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Facility Response

When disaster strikes, we can be on-site at our customers’ facilities within hours alongside emergency first responders.

With our First Alert contracts, customers can pre-negotiate rates and contracts to help ensure that their businesses are back online as quickly as possible. We’ve also invested in tools like sleeper units that allow us to staff and house our workers, safely and comfortably, while they are on site at customer locations even if no power or facilities are available.

Northstar offers expert emergency response and recovery services nationwide to minimize damage and disruption for our clients following all types of emergencies and disasters, both man-made and natural. Our goal is to restore your businesses safely, cost-effectively and within a prescribed schedule. Our expertise and quick action help ensure that our clients suffer the least possible damage as the result of a catastrophe.

With a national network of offices and a self-performing, cross-trained workforce of approximately 2,000 employees, we can immediately dispatch teams ranging from 10 workers to thousands, depending on the scale of the emergency.

Total Emergency Response Capabilities

 Disaster planning and prevention

 Damage inspection/assessment

 Structural restoration and remediation

 Temporary Power

 Hazardous material abatement

 Water extraction, soot cleanup and odor removal

 Small to Large scale cleanup

 Structural drying/dehumidification

 Electronic data, document, and record recovery

 Restorative cleaning

 Debris removal and disposal

 Mold, biological, and chemical remediation

  • NorthStar provides rapid and mobile response following both frequently occurring unplanned events of moderate scale or large-scale disasters, with significant prior experience in the following:
    • Hurricanes
    • Floods
    • Tornadoes
    • Oil spills
    • Fires
    • Hazardous materials
    • Viral epidemics (i.e., Avian Bird Flu, Ebola)
    • Food-processing (i.e., mad cow)
  • Team of managers positioned throughout the country with advanced knowledge of client facilities to enable focused and rapid response
  • Labor force is highly experienced and trained to respond to idiosyncratic challenges, working with the best equipment and technology to mitigate business interruption
  • Company provides its response services at pre-established rates through MSAs (typically mandated by insurance companies), and also offers a 24-hour hotline 365 days per year

 Facility Response Experience